FlipMail Security

FlipMail Security

Information constitutes the cornerstone of both business endeavors and general life pursuits. Consequently, we hold the privacy of our esteemed customers in the highest regard.

At FlipMail, we attach paramount importance to the trust you place in us and are unwavering in our commitment to safeguard your company's sensitive data with the same diligence we apply to our own. Our dedicated team continually enhances our protective measures to shield your data from potential online threats, ensuring your peace of mind regarding the security of your personal information.

Our security program is fully open-source, allowing you to comprehend its workings and employ our products and services with complete confidence.

1. Our Key Security Practices

1.1. Implementation of Cutting-edge Account Protection Mechanisms

1.1.1. Two-Factor Authentication: We recognize that the security of your personal information hinges on the resilience of your account against the sophisticated tactics employed by professional hackers. Acknowledging that passwords can be susceptible, we've introduced two-step user verification. In addition to your username and password, accessing your account requires a unique one-time code delivered to you via email. This method serves as an early warning system, notifying you of potential intrusion attempts and unauthorized access through email alerts.

1.2. IP Address Access Restrictions

1.2.1. This feature offers an additional layer of protection, especially if you predominantly access your account from work or home computers with static IP addresses. Following each authorization, you will receive an email containing details of the login time and the corresponding IP address. This serves as a robust deterrent against any attempts by third parties to gain unauthorized entry to your account without access to your local network.

1.3. SMTP Email Sending Limits

1.3.1. SMTP servers facilitate the sending, receiving, and relay of emails, allowing you to dispatch automated and transactional emails from anywhere. To forestall unauthorized email transmission in the event of SMTP password compromise or theft, we've implemented restrictions based on the sender's IP address.

1.4. reCAPTCHA Mechanisms

1.4.1. Our implementation of reCAPTCHA functions as a vital defense mechanism against automated website access and bot-driven attacks. Suspicious user actions trigger image recognition tests or requests for alphanumeric input, which only humans can provide.

1.5. Suspicious Login Alerts

1.5.1. Our automatic monitoring system enhances the overall security of your account by automatically blocking dubious login attempts and promptly notifying you when such attempts occur, particularly from unverified devices or browsers.

1.6. Vulnerability Management

1.6.1. Our commitment to maximum security and privacy is unwavering. We have established a proactive system for identifying and rectifying potential platform vulnerabilities, employing both automated and manual remediation processes. To further bolster this endeavor, we have instituted the Open Bug Bounty program, offering financial rewards to users who discover security vulnerabilities in our services.

1.7. Payment Data Protection

1.7.1. FlipMail exclusively collaborates with certified payment systems, assuring that we do not retain customer credit card details. All your data is securely transmitted directly to the designated payment system, adhering to stringent security protocols and SSL data encryption.

1.8. Service Availability

1.8.1. Our database servers operate with daily redundancy across all resources. These backups are instrumental in averting data loss and ensuring swift system information recovery.

We deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in FlipMail and are resolute in our commitment to fortify the safety and efficiency of your business operations.

Thank you for entrusting us with your confidence.

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