Email Anti-Spam Requirements

Email Anti-Spam Requirements

In order to protect you and your customers, we've implemented a range of anti-spam policies. They might seem a bit over the top but they're definitely useful. By complying with the terms listed here, you're not only going to avoid being marked as a spammer by us but you'll also increase chances of your customers seeing and opening the email. All email providers love clean emails. Everyone hates spammers. 

That said, this little article is a resource, not legal advice. Every business and country have their own legal requirements and you should talk to someone licensed about legal intricacies. Let's jump in.


  1. You must agree to our Terms of Service (obviously).
  2. You must include email footer content (more details below) with every campaign.
  3. You must not falsify your contact information or any other information related to your company.
  4. You're subject to the terms of use for any integration or connected e-commerce platform you use.


There are multiple parts to having an amazing email footer. You can create it in a few different ways. 

The easy way

While creating a template, click add dynamic content and select email footer. That's pretty much it. Your campaign is "legally ready". We have a nice gif that shows how this magic works.

The hard(er) way - aka the custom way

We did our best to create a footer that will look amazing for everyone. However, sometimes that's just not enough and you need to have it look absolutely custom. If you want to do it this way, you're going to have to get your hands a bit dirty and code a little bit. We've created a custom tag {{ footer }} that will insert the footer anywhere in the code you put it, however, you have the opportunity to break it down even further. 

Here is the list of the required tags. These must be present in every campaign you send.


To get you started, we prepared a small code snippet that can be easily customized to match any style and template. Just copy/paste it and you're ready to begin the customization.

  {{list_description}}<br />
  <br />
  <a href="{{unsubscribe_url}}">Unsubscribe</a> {{recipient_email}} from this list.<br />
  <br />
  Our mailing address is:<br />
  {{list_address}}<br />
  <br />
  Copyright (C) {{ 'now' | date: "%Y" }} <a href="{{list_url}}">{{list_company}}</a>. All rights reserved.


Email regulations vary by country, so you may also be subject to some additional regulations depending on the location of both your business and your contacts

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