Cookie Statement

Cookie Statement

In the context of our communication, when we employ terms such as "we," "us," "our," or "FlipMail," we are making reference to FlipMail, with its official address at Ke kapslovně 2855/3, Žižkov (Praha 3), 130 00 Praha, Czech Republic.

The following Cookie Statement elucidates our use of cookies and similar technologies within the scope of our business operations, including our various online platforms, such as websites accessible via the URL or any other digital platform under our ownership, operation, or control (collectively referred to as "Website"). It also pertains to instances when subscribers of our users interact with website or e-commerce stores managed by our users, or engage with emails distributed through our Services. This statement expounds upon the nature of these technologies, our rationale for utilizing them, and your entitlement to regulate their usage. It is integral to our Privacy Policy and is automatically integrated therein. Any capitalized terminology not explicitly defined in this Cookie Statement conforms to the definitions provided in our Privacy Policy.

In certain scenarios, the cookies and tracking technologies delineated in this Cookie Statement may be employed to gather Personal Data or information that transforms into Personal Data upon amalgamation with other data. For a comprehensive understanding of how we handle your Personal Information, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy.

1. Definition

1.1. Cookies, small data files, are placed on your computer or mobile device during your visits to website. Cookies are widely employed by online service providers to optimize website functionality and obtain valuable reporting insights.

1.2. Cookies come in two categories: first-party cookies, established by the website's owner or service provider (in our case, FlipMail), and third-party cookies, set by entities other than the website owner. Third-party cookies facilitate additional features or functionalities on the websites or services you utilize, such as advertising, interactive content, and analytics. These third-party cookies allow the recognizing of your device when accessing the relevant website or service, among others.

2. Purpose of Cookies and Tracking Technologies

2.1. We utilize first-party and third-party cookies for various objectives. Essential or strictly necessary cookies are indispensable for the technical operation of our Website and Services. Performance and functionality cookies, on the other hand, enable us and our affiliated third parties to monitor and cater to the interests of our Website visitors, enhancing their experience. We also enable our users to employ cookies and akin tracking technologies to track their subscribers effectively. Additionally, third parties utilize cookies through our Website and Services for advertising, analytics, and other purposes.

3. Cookies Deployed on Our Website

3.1. The distinct types of first and third-party cookies employed on our Website, along with their intended functions, are comprehensively elucidated below:

3.1.1. Essential Website Cookies: These cookies are vital to deliver the services available on our website, including secure access to specific areas. Their critical role in website functionality necessitates their acceptance for unhindered operation.

3.1.2. Performance and Functionality Cookies: These cookies are intended to enhance the performance and functionality of our website, although they are not indispensable for their basic operation. However, opting out of these cookies may result in limited functionality.

3.1.3. Analytics and Customization Cookies: These cookies gather data, either in an aggregated form to enhance our understanding of website usage and marketing campaign effectiveness, or to personalize the website and application for an improved user experience.

3.1.4. Advertising (Targeting) Cookies: These cookies ensure that advertising messages are more pertinent to your interests, prevent the continuous display of the same ads, optimize ad display, and occasionally select advertisements based on your interests. For additional details, please consult the "Targeted online advertising" section of this Cookie Statement.

4. Additional Tracking Technologies

4.1. In addition to cookies, we and our third-party partners may intermittently use comparable technologies, such as web beacons, pixels (commonly known as "clear GIFs"), and other tracking mechanisms. These diminutive graphic files and tracking technologies include unique identifiers, allowing us to detect visits to our Website and the opening of emails (in the case of web beacons). They facilitate several functions, such as traffic monitoring, cookie delivery, assessing the origin of visitors to our Website from third-party ads, delivering targeted ads, enhancing site performance, and evaluating the success of marketing campaigns. While the ability to explicitly disable or reject these tracking technologies may be limited, they frequently rely on cookies for seamless operation, and, consequently, disabling cookies in such cases may impact their effectiveness.

5. Targeted Online Advertising

5.1. We engage third-party service providers to collate and analyze individualized usage and volume statistical data obtained from interactions with our Website. These third parties employ cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, and analogous tracking technologies to gather and utilize specific information regarding your online activities. This data aids in deducing your interests and delivering personalized advertisements aligned with your browsing activities and inferred preferences. Importantly, the data collected by these third parties does not encompass personally identifiable information, such as your name or email address.

6. Cookies Used in Our Services

6.1. User Email Campaigns:

6.1.1. In our users' email campaigns, we automatically insert single-pixel GIFs, often known as web beacons. These small graphic files hold unique identifiers that enable us and our users to identify when their subscribers have opened an email or clicked on specific links. This technology captures the subscriber's email address, IP address, and the date and time of each open and click, which is subsequently employed to compile performance reports for our users.

6.2. User Sites:

6.2.1. If a user opts to utilize particular FlipMail add-ons or features, this usage may necessitate additional cookies or tracking technologies. When users link their websites or e-commerce stores to a FlipMail account, a JavaScript tracking snippet ("Snippet") is installed on their site. This Snippet facilitates the use of specific automation, features, and functionality offered by FlipMail through the Services, allowing cookies, pixels, and other technologies to be set on the user's site. The selection of cookies, pixels, or other technologies depends on the specific add-ons or features chosen by the user. Therefore, subscribers are encouraged to review the user's privacy notice and cookie disclosures for detailed information regarding the types of cookies and tracking technologies used on the site.

7. Cookie Control

7.1. You retain the prerogative to accept or decline cookies. You can configure or adjust your web browser settings to either accept or reject cookies. In the event of rejecting cookies, access to some functionality and areas of our Website may be limited. Please consult your web browser's help menu for precise instructions on managing cookies, as the procedures may differ across browsers.

7.2 To find out how to manage cookies in your browser, please visit one of the links below:

7.2.1 Mozilla Firefox:

7.2.2 Google Chrome:

7.2.3 Opera:

7.2.4 Safari:

8. Statement Update Frequency

8.1. This Cookie Statement may undergo periodic updates to accommodate alterations in the types of cookies employed or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. We recommend revisiting this Cookie Statement regularly to remain informed regarding our usage of cookies and related technologies.

8.2. The date at the bottom of this Cookie Statement signifies its last update.

8.3. Should you have any inquiries concerning our use of cookies or other technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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